Hub 53
Hub 53
Coworking and coliving for international travelers, digital nomads who seek the authentic and take the road less traveled.


A Healthy Body Fuels a Healthy Mind.

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Customisable Menu

Hubster cares about your health and about the planet. This is why we are focused on sourcing the freshest organic ingredients we can find, and serving them using recyclable ‘Ware For World’ materials and compostable plastics from Bio-Eco.

We have the utmost respect for those who want to improve their health, so we cater to a wide variety of diets, like the Ketogenic or Vegan diet. Creating your salads and smoothies is a collaborative experience. We prepare them right in front of you, using your input, so you walk away with exactly what you desire.

Hubster is also passionate about coffee, and believe strongly in sustainable agriculture. This is why we proudly source our coffee beans from Akha Ama.


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