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As a Digital Marketer there are certainly some tools that are well worth investing money in, as they have the capacity to double, if not triple your output. But there are also a lot of free tools that can make your life a hell of a lot easier. Here are some I use regularly:

Backlinks: From an SEO standpoint, these are very important. If you are linked to other sites in your field that have a high page rank, this can reflect positively on yours. The reverse is also true. Knowing who is linking to your site is crucial.  Ahrefs Backlink Checker is a free tool that lets you do exactly this.

Broken Links: Another thing that can negatively affect your site traffic is broken links and issues with redirects. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool is free to download and will help you quickly solve any issues.

Keywords: For larger companies with bigger budgets, investing in a tool like Moz, Raven Tools or Ahrefs for your keyword research can be invaluable. But if your requirements are not too extreme, then Google Keyword Planner is a good free alternative. It’s not quite as straightforward as some of the paid tools, but there are plenty of resources on Youtube to help you get to grips with it very quickly.

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Grammar Nazi?: You don’t want to give a bad impression to possible customers by making spelling/grammar mistakes. Grammarly is a free plugin for your browser. It not only highlights and corrects spelling and grammar, but also helps with style and word choice. I really can’t understand why someone would decide not to use this.

Content Marketing Ideas: Want to know what type of questions people have about your product/service, so you can create content to help them? Answer the Public is your new best friend. Just enter a search term into the box (3 free searches a day) and it will give you a graph of exactly what people are asking.

Creating a Mailing List: Services in this field can be very expensive, but if your email list does not require numbers over 2000, then Mailchimp is exactly what you need in your life.

Get the perfect headline: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will let you know how good your headline stands in terms of word choice, emotional language, power words, and positive and negative sentiment. Second only to your thumbnail image, the headline is what people see, and it needs to be enticing enough to make them click. This tool will dramatically increase your click-through-rate, and it’s completely free.

URL’s are UGLY: You don’t always have the option of hyperlinking images or words in your content (we are looking at you Facebook captions), so in order to reduce the size of your disgustingly long URL we suggest using to make them short and pretty.

Author: James Dennan

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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