Hub 53
Hub 53
Coworking and coliving for international travelers, digital nomads who seek the authentic and take the road less traveled.

Coliving in Comfort

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oasis in the city


Hub53 Coworking and Coliving Space offers guests the chance to be even closer to a community of travelers who are seeking a more local experience. Our rooms can fit the budget and needs of any digital nomad, from essential Superior rooms to roomy King-sized suites. All rentals come with weekly cleaning service, access to common living areas, shared kitchen, laundry room. and 24-hour, unrestricted access to the coworking space.

*Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for booking deposit, financial guarantee, utilities, and VAT information.



The Superior Room has everything you need to relax after a long day of brainstorms or wandering around Chiang Mai's famous temples. It is equipped with a twin bed, private bathroom, vanity, and small desk. 


  • 5,850 baht for monthly (30-day) rental

  • 500 baht per day for 1-7 days 

  • 450 baht per day for 8-14 days

  • 400 baht per day for 15-21 days

  • 350 baht per day for 22-29 days. 

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Queen A

The Queen A room is ideal for those who wish to treat themselves to a bigger bed and a private outdoor space. It comes with a queen-sized bed, a small private porch, private bathroom with shower, vanity, closet, desk, and a flat-screen TV.


  • 7,850 baht for monthly (30-day) rental
  • 650 baht per day for 1-7 days
  • 600 baht per day for 8-14 days
  • 550 baht per day for 15-21 days
  • 500 baht per day for 22-29 days

Queen B

The Queen B room is perfect for travelers who like to take their coffee outside. This room features a Queen-sized bed, a medium-sized private porch with large windows, private bathroom, vanity, desk, and flat screen TV.


  • 8,850 baht for monthly (30-day) rental
  • 750 baht per day for 1-7 days
  • 700 baht per day for 8-14 days
  • 650 baht per day for 15-21 days
  • 600 baht per day for 22-29 days



The King room is the ultimate luxury accommodation for those who like to travel in style. It features a king-sized bed, a large balcony with a coffee table and chairs, flat screen TV, large private bathroom, vanity, closet, and even a sofa to entertain guests! 


  • 11,850 baht for 30-day rental
  • 980 baht per day for 1-7 days
  • 900 baht per day for 8-14 days
  • 800 baht per day for 15-21 days
  • 700 baht per day for 22-29 days

booking Deposit, Financial Guarantee, and utilities

Booking deposit is 50% of the monthly rent


  • VAT 7% not included in 30-day rental. Water fee is 400 baht per month, per resident. Electricity is 7 baht per month, per unit.
  • Water, electricity, and VAT 7% are included in the daily rental price. 

Financial Guarantee*

  • 1 - 7 days = 1,000 baht

  • 8 - 14 days = 2,000 baht

  • 15 - 21 days = 3,000 baht

  • 22 - 29 days = 4,000 baht

  • 30 days or more = one month rent

*Financial guarantee will be refunded with the electricity fee subtracted from the total amount when customers move out.