Hub 53
Hub 53
Coworking and coliving for international travelers, digital nomads who seek the authentic and take the road less traveled.

 Learning Together





1/ group of living things undergoing natural development by increasing in size and changing physically
2/ becoming greater as a group or community by leveraging each other’s strengths over a period of time; increasing as a whole; developing together.


“Cut the Learning Curve & Learn from the Pros!”

Hub53 is proud to introduce Cogrowing, an educational experience for digital nomads and entrepreneurs. At the core of Cogrowing lies the idea that learning new skills or creating a business doesn’t need to feel tedious and lonely, it should be a pleasurable and collective adventure.

Every year Chiang Mai attracts hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world, all bringing their skills and experience, creating an extraordinary pool of expertise and know-how in a few square kilometers! With Cogrowing, we want to tap into this ecosystem and provide a platform for entrepreneurs to grow faster together.


“We make it easy for you”

What we propose is a series of transformative bootcamps where you’ll learn new skills, develop a clear vision and connect with other passionate entrepreneurs like you!

We want to make it easy for you by taking care of accommodation and all the other practicalities, so that you can focus 100% on the learning experience and meeting new people. Our bootcamps last 2-4 weeks and each of them offers hands-on, practical sessions delivered by industry experts and professionals.

The Bootcamps are a collective learning experience meaning you’ll not only learn from our panel of specialists but also from the experience of people like you, who came here to grow.


“Life Changing Bootcamps with Like-Minded People”

We are proud to offer our 2-Stage Digital Marketing Bootcamps.

Stage 1, takes the participant from an idea to an operating website.

Stage 2, will introduce advance Digital Marketing strategies and E- Commerce opportunities.

You can participate in Stages 1 and/or 2 either separately or combined together.

Most people feel vulnerable when dealing with money issues. Fears, shame, guilt and humiliation all come into play when faced with our personal finances.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Financial freedom is within your reach. Our mission is to start you on your journey towards Financial Independence.

Survival Skills for the 21st Century Bootcamp was created to give you practical tools. Tools that will enrich your life and help navigate the many challenges of today’s society.

We offer a holistic approach, balancing between body, mind and spirit. This is a bootcamp with a strong emphasis on providing practical skills for TODAY.