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Hub 53
Coworking and coliving for international travelers, digital nomads who seek the authentic and take the road less traveled.



The landscape of the 21st century is ever-evolving. Trying to be successful and make it look effortless on Instagram is the new goal. We burn out from attempting to stay ahead. Fulfilling expectations while having a social life makes of us wanting to just run away.

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Are you feeling insecure, lonely, stressed and depressed?

Blake did what they told him to do.

Top schools, top grades which paid off when he got a job as a high powered financial banker. He continued to do everything right in his job, but was miserable, and screaming on the inside.

One morning, he threw the alarm against the wall, crawled back to bed. He never went back to that job again.

He felt relieved, and there has not been one day since that he regretted quitting the job that “They” told him he should go after.


Diane was all excited about her new business idea.

This was going to be her baby.

But after a few weeks of fighting windmills, bureaucracies and the banks, she became increasingly frustrated.

This is not what she expected and hoped for. She felt drained disheartened and disillusioned. She quits the project after a short few months.

Another victim suffering from burnout.


Karen is deep in a cycle of “errand analysis paralysis”.

Rolling over her “to do” list from one week to the next.

Simple tasks were the worst: doctor appointments, answering emails, washing the car.

She still functioned elsewhere: writing code, making meals, planning trips.

Why can’t she get it together?

Errand paralysis is another stinging symptom of burnout.


We believe there is a way…

Join us and a group of like-minded people seeking change.

The key to survive in the 21st century is:

focus on your own self development,

being in harmony with yourself and the world.

The simple fact is that harmony on the inside creates harmony on the outside.

Survival Skills for the 21st Century Bootcamp was created to give you practical tools. Tools that will enrich your life and help navigate the many challenges of today’s society.

We offer a holistic approach, balancing between body, mind and spirit.

This is a bootcamp with a strong emphasis on providing practical skills for TODAY.


Here are some things you will learn in our Survival Skills For The 21st Century Bootcamps

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This is a bootcamp with a strong emphasis on providing practical skills for TODAY.

Designed for individuals to change their lives and thrive in in today’s society, because the simple truth is… It is a much different world today than 20 years ago.

Everything we do is designed to provide maximum impact in your life. It is our passion to change lives to thrive in today’s world.

All this takes place within a community of fellow participants, sharing experiences, social activities, Yoga and other physical activities and outings.