Hub53 Coworking and Coliving Space Resident Profile: Fitness Blogger and Founder of


Craig knew he wanted a space where he could focus on building his online fitness coaching company. Somewhere he can relax, focus, and make some good connections with interesting people like himself. That’s how he found himself at Hub53 Coliving and Coworking Space in lovely Chiang Mai! 

Here's what he had to say about his Hub53 stay and experience. 

What's your name and occupation?

Craig Lewis - Founder of a men's health and fitness company.

Are you a full-time digital nomad?


How long have you been in Thailand?

6 months.

Why did you decide to come to Chiang Mai?

I wanted somewhere that had a good climate, nice food, but also somewhere I could continue to build my online company.

What are your favorite things about this neighborhood?

The choices of food and places to drink.

What's been your favorite thing about your stay at Hub53?

The staff and being able to meet so many people from all over the globe.

Why did you pick a coliving/coworking space instead of renting an apartment or getting a hotel?

I wanted to make use of having a coworking as close as I could to where I was living in order to concentrate on work for a few months.

What's one thing that cannot be missed in Chiang Mai?

Nomad Coffee Club on Friday afternoons.

What's your next destination?

Back to the UK for a few weeks then somewhere in Europe.