Meditation teacher Jeremy tells us about his top 5 ways to unwind in Chiang Mai


Jeremy recently relocated to Chiang Mai because of the many opportunities to teach and practice meditation that this beautiful city has to offer.

At the moment he is creating an online course where people can learn mindfulness techniques for overcoming stress and anxiety in everyday life. 

Here's what he had to say about his Hub53 stay and experience.

What's your name, age and nationality?

My name is Jeremy Lipkowitz, I am 31 years old and originally from the bay area in California.

Are you a full-time digital nomad?

Not yet full time, I still teach mindfulness in person, but I am currently working on creating an online course.

How long have you been in Thailand?

I lived in Bangkok for 1 year, teaching mindfulness at an international school. I moved to Chiang Mai at the end of December, so I've been here almost 5 months.

Why did you decide to come to Chiang Mai?

I visited last year just for a view days and fell in love with the culture and the food.

So what is mindfulness meditation actually and why did you got into it?

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of what is going on in your mind and body and it helps you to connect more with the present moment. It's can be useful for dealing with stress and anxiety, and can help you to feel more calm and balanced.

Why did I get into it? Because in school I was often overwhelmed with perfectionism and was anxious almost all of the time. I felt I would never be happy, so I started searching for a solution, which led me to my first book on meditation, and my first silent meditation retreat. The rest is history.

Do you have any tips you can give to fellow nomads that are feeling overwhelmed by stress and too much work?

Of course! Here are some things that help me out:

* I've found that having a consistent meditation practice, even if it's only one minute a day, really helps me relax and feel more calm.

* If you feel overwhelmed at work, you can try this quick mindful breathing practice: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel your belly moving in and out. Just do that for 5-10 seconds and I promise you'll feel a little more relaxed.

* Regular exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. I like to go to the climbing gym, but even going for a brisk walk will help increase your mood.

* Science has shown that having a strong and supportive community is one of the best things you can do for your own mental health. You can check out the 'Meditate in Chiang Mai' Facebook group for some meet ups to join. I lead a free meditation group at 'Hidden House Yoga Studio' 4 times a week.

* If all else fails, watch some funny cat or baby videos on YouTube. Works every time. 

What's been your favorite thing about working at Hub53?

Getting to know all the interesting people working on different projects. The espresso mashine is pretty damn nice too :)

Why did you pick a coworking space instead of working out of a cafe?

I still love cafes, but I realized I wanted a space where I can be more productive. Hub53 is fantastic for getting stuff done.


What's one thing that cannot be missed in Chiang Mai?

The Thom Yam Nam Khon (noodle soup with coconut milk) from this little shop in Santitham. It's called 'Ancient Thom Yam Noodles'

What's your next destination?

I'm headed to the US in July for a 20-day silent meditation retreat, but I'll be back in Chiang Mai after that.

How can our readers find out more about you?

You can have a look on my website

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