Zach from Washington DC lists his 3 must eat restaurants in Chiang Mai


Zach has been a nomad for the past year and a half and travels for food. He has ventured through much of Southeast Asia and made a few trips to Europe and Latin America. He found out about Hub53 through a facebook post in the Chiang Mai Digital Nomads group. When arranging his return to Chiang Mai, he decided to stay in one of our off-site living accommodations. So far he is thrilled with the apartment, the co-working space, and the ease of getting settled in and back to work.


Here's what he had to say about his Hub53 stay and experience. 

What's your name, age, and nationality?

Hey I'm Zach Peirce, 26 years old, and American - please don't hold it against me!

Are you a full-time digital nomad, if so, what do you do?

Yes, I'm a Product Manager for Fishbowl, a SaaS Marketing Platform used by the restaurant industry.

How long have you been in Thailand?

This trip 6 weeks but I spent five months here last year.

Why did you decide to come to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is heaven. There is delicious food everywhere and I can drive my motorbike around the mountains on the weekend. I've also made some awesome friends based in Chiang Mai that I wanted to catch up with.

What's been your favorite thing about your stay at Hub53?

The coworkers have been really cool and welcoming. I know I can come here and count on an awesome internet connection!

Why did you pick a coworking space instead of working from coffee shops?

It gives me a distraction free workplace where I don't have to contend with loud espresso machines and students taking all of the desks :)


What's one thing that cannot be missed in Chiang Mai?

Taking a day trip to the 'Sticky waterfalls' and street food.

You've mentioned food now a few times, what are your 3 must eat restaurants in Chiang Mai?

* Khao Soi Mae Sai - Santhitam

* Rosy Cheeks - Suthep Road

* Ton Goom River Front Restaurant - Wichayanon Road

What's your next destination?

Nepal for a week of trekking and then I'm off to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

How can our readers see more of you?

Here is my website

Hub 53